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If you're looking for perfection, move along.

Sassy Cowgirl

I'm a perfectionist by my very nature. I like things to be a certain way. And if they're not, I stress, strive, and struggle to get them that way.

It's funny the things the Lord can use to teach us lessons if we'll just listen.

Soap making, my new obsession. I've studied and looked at hundreds of soaps made by crafters. Beautiful creations, a lot of them perfectly symmetrical, perfectly and artfully colored and designed.

My soaps...well, not so much. I'd create a batch, cut it and then I'd hurry frantically back to the drawing board to see where I had gone wrong. Then the redoing, rebatching, and recutting would begin. Over and over I'd try to hand cut my bars to result in a perfectly rectangular bar with even sides all the way around. Not happening. I'd try again. And again. Bar after bar. I'd lay my cutter down in defeat, line up my bars and walk away feeling...less than perfect.

Genesis 1:1 says, "In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth." And skipping on down to verse 31 "Then God saw everything that He had made, and indeed it was very good." In this chapter you will find that each time God created something He called it good.

Not only am I a perfectionist, I am self conscious and insecure about my body, because in my mind, it's not "perfect" or even close to what the world says is perfect - and I can't seem to get it that way.

But God reminded me of something through my lil' bars of soap. 'Millie, did you create those bars with your own hands?' Yes, Lord. 'Did you specifically pick and choose exactly what would go into them to make them exactly what you wanted them to be?' Yes, Lord. 'Did you make them with love and a desire for them to do good?' Yes, Lord. 'I created you in the exact same way, and it was good'.

Now, when I cut and look at my soaps, I smile at all the little things that make them my own creation. I created them and they are good.

God created you, and you are good.

So, if you purchase a bar of soap from me and notice that it's not totally perfect or the "cookie cutter" type that you may be used to seeing, just smile along with me and know that it was cut with love and that however it was cut or turned out, it is exactly what it was supposed to be. Just like you and me.

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