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Rebatching mistakes

Sassy Cowgirl

Mistakes. Bloopers. Goofs. Slip-ups. We've all made them, but it's what you do with them that can make all the difference in the world.

You can let them lay where they are, stare back at them from time to time, keeping them close and allowing them to remind you of a time when you failed, but never really meant to. Does anyone ever really mean to fail!?
You can try to stuff them away back in the closet of your mind and hope that no one or nothing will trigger the memory again, because doing so, will bring back all the pain and guilt from a time when you just didn't measure up.
Or, you can take that mistake, that failed attempt, and turn it around for good.

This soap was a mistake. A blooper. A goof. A failure.

This soap was one of the first batches I made, maybe the third batch. I had it all planned out and my plan was perfect and made perfect sense - to me.

I got it all mixed, all was going well so I poured it into the mold and put it away for 24 hours. Except, due to my excitement I peeked at it about 12 hours earlier. Something didn't seem right. I covered it back up and left it alone hoping it was just in the middle of gel phase and that it could still make a major turnaround from what I was seeing in the mold. 12 hours later I opened it back up and took it out of the mold. I almost cried. It looked nothing like I had planned. And of course, as if right on cue, came all the words flooding into mind. 'You're dumb, you can't even make soap.' 'You're never gonna be good at this'. 'This stupid business will never make it.'

So, being a newbie I hurried to the computer to see if there was anything I could do. Surly this had happened to someone else. Surly someone before me had gone through the same thing and made the same mistakes.

The word 'rebatch' kept coming up. Ugh... This sounds hard and complicated. Redo's and try again's can be that way. They can be messy. Even messier than the first time. The damage has been done. The scars have become calloused. The walls have been built.

After reading and reading I started the rebatching process. I began cutting and shredding away at the soap. My hands cramped and it took forever to get it into tiny pieces so that it would melt properly. After about an hour of destroying my 'once upon a time' in my mind soap, it laid piled up in a mound in front of me. What in the world had I done!? All the money and time I had wasted now seems to be slowly dripping down the drain of disappointment.

I gathered up every tiny crumb of my sad soap and dumped it into the crockpot. Every 15 minutes or so I stirred and watched as my soap turn into a pile of goo. I could not imagine how this, this redo, this rebatching, was going to fix my big fat problem that I had caused.

A couple of hours later my soap was finally melted and at a place where I could mix in the additives to help try to save it. I added about a cup of forgiveness along with a cup of grace. I also added some givemyselfabreak along with some coffee grounds. I mean, why not?! What was it gonna hurt now.

I mixed and stirred as best I could and then by the spoonfuls I plopped the goo into the mold. I'll just say it...It. looked. Hideous. I covered it and put it away for 24 hours. But this time, I did not peek.

I awoke the next morning dreading the reveal. This was it. Either I lost the batch or it was going to turn out to be, by some miracle, a beautiful soap that I could sell and recover some of my loss.

As I unmolded the soap, my attempts at a rebatch were becoming more and more clear. I was in fact, a failure. This soap, my attempt at a redo, was a complete waste of time. It fixed nothing.

Isn't that the way it goes sometimes? We mess up. We ask for forgiveness. We try to do better, but nothing seems to make anything better.

I went ahead and completed the process. I cut the soap and set it on the drying rack. I let it sit and every time I passed by, there it was staring back at me. Reminding me of not only my first failed attempt, but my second failed attempt at trying to fix things.

Almost 6 weeks later I picked up a bar of that soap lifted it to my nose and thought, 'Man! What a shame! This soap sure does smell good! But it sure ain't pretty to look at.' For some odd reason that's when I decided to take a bar with me into the shower.

Thinking to myself, everyone deserves a chance, even you ugly soap, so let's see how you do.

Now, my original plan was for this to be a beautiful coffee soap with beautiful creamy swirls and a strong coffee scent. None of that happened. But what it turned out to be was so much more.

As it turns out, my 'rebatch', my attempt to make things right, my what seemed like a double fail, became the best soap I've ever used soap. The pepperminty scent is so refreshing. The coffee grounds give me a good scratchy exfoliation, it leaves your skin with this awesome cooling sensation and the added forgiveness and grace give it the very best lather. So, the next time you think your "redo" your "try to make things better" ain't working, don't toss it away, don't give up, just give it some time. Time to cure out, time to heal, time to develop. The Lord will work it out. When our heart is in the right place, the Lord will take those mistakes, goofs, bloopers and slip-ups and turn them around for good.

What was supposed to be a beautiful coffee soap turned into what I renamed Peppermint Bark Soap, right down to corners that crumble apart just like old dried up wood.

The thing is, we are to learn from our mistakes and not repeat them. But this is one mistake I wish I could make again. I love this soap, but I don't think I could ever duplicate this soap again. So in honor of my beautiful ugly peppermint bark soap I'm offering you a once in a life time chance to get one of your very own. I thought about hoarding them all for myself because I love them so, but that would be another mistake and I'm supposed to use them for good. :)

So if you like a scratchy exfoliating pepperminty bubbly soap this one is for you! But I only have 6 bars.

If you would like a bar of this once upon a time soap all you have to do is be one of the next 6 people to place an order of any amount and you will receive one of these bars for free.

BUT you must leave "Peppermint Bark Soap" in the notes section when you check out.

And let's be honest, you deserve it for taking the time to read this very long post! :)

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