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All New Tobacco & Caramel Deodorant

Sassy Cowgirl #newforfall deodorant new product tobacco and caramel

I want to say a lil' something about my new Tobacco & Caramel Deodorant or a lil' more about all my products that have "tobacco" in them for that matter.

I know what you're probably thinking...I see it all the time. People hear or see the word "tobacco" and they quickly snarl up their nose and shake their head.  All this without even so much as a tiny whiff. I dare say my products that have tobacco scent in them probably aren't what your thinking at all. They're wonderful! And let me say here, my intentions are not to glorify or advertise for tobacco products.  Obviously, I'm a company who advocates for a more healthier lifestyle with a deep desire to provide things that are good for our bodies. Facebook and Pinterest reject my products that have the word "tobacco" in them every time I try to post about them, so I'm used to having them looked down upon. In fact, this post will probably get flagged.  However, I absolutely love my products that have tobacco scent in them and I know many of my customers do too. So next time you're in the store or around when Im selling, don't judge right off the bat, take a lil' whiff and see if you love them too! 

In saying all that, my new Tobacco and Caramel Deodorant is perfect! I could just sit and smell my armpits all day long! 

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