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You don't have to have it all together.

Sassy Cowgirl

Although I've never really had "it" all together in my life, I've tried really hard to appear like I have. Whatever "it" is. "It" seems like it's always been a struggle to conquer. For me, "it" could be replaced with perfection, trying to create the perfect body, business, life, relationship, or it could even be something as small as creating the perfect post or soap even. "It" could also be replaced with control. I like to be in control, but most of my life I've felt wildly out of control, which in turn has allowed me to allow others to control me. It would be safe to say I've spent nearly all of my life feeling broken to some degree. A brokenness that caused me to experience deep depression. Depression that drove me to points in my life where ending it seemed so much easier than living it. I accepted Jesus as my Savior at a very young age. And let me just say here, you can suffer from depression and be a Christian. There seems to be this notion that if you're a Christian that somehow you're exempt from such things, or it somehow means you're not a "real" Christian if you struggle with depression and/or other mental illness.

That's ridiculous.

Anyway, in sharing all this, I want you to know that although I am healed in Christ, I don't always "feel" healed each and every day. And honestly, the only days I feel like I really have "it" all together is when I get the dishes done, laundry washed, dried and put away. But that only lasts till the next morning. The pressure we put on ourselves I think as moms and dads especially can be spirit crushing. Don't let the world defeat you. We will never have "it" all together in this world. We kill ourselves over trying to keep it all together that we truly miss what is falling apart right in front of us.

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