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The Sassy Cowgirl is committed to providing you and your family with natural, effective products that are both indulgent and purposeful. It is our sincere desire to provide you with useful information in total transparency so that you can make the very best skincare decisions for your family. 

We are also committed to offering safe products for the entire family. In order to protect some of our water-based formulations from bacteria or mold, we use skin-safe, paraben-free preservatives such as Germall Plus, Potassium Sorbate, and/or Vitamin E oil.

Our full ingredient list in alphabetical order:

Almond Oil
- Sweet almond oil is a natural moisturizer that can be used for any type of skin. It’s particularly beneficial for dry, flakey, and sensitive skin. It contains fatty acids as well as vitamins A and E and penetrates easily into the skin. It is quite an effective emollient for moisturizing the skin and hair.

Aloe Vera - Native to the warm climate regions of Asia, Europe, and the Americas, Aloe Barbadensis is cultivated in the dry warm areas. Aloe Vera Leaf Extract moisturizes by enhancing the activity of fibroblasts in the skin giving it a healthy youthful appearance. It soothes dry irritated skin with its’ antifungal properties, can reduce inflammation and relieve itchiness. It has been used medicinally for centuries; the ancient Egyptians called Aloe Vera the “plant of immortality”.

Apricot Oil - Natural apricot seed oil contains gamma linoleic acid that is useful to firm and tone your skin. This also contains Vitamin A and E to soothe and slow down the aging process. It has nourishing properties and an anti-inflammatory effect to soothe eczema.
Arrowroot powder

Avocado Oil -This superfruit is high in antioxidants to fight free radicals leaving skin radiant. The healthy fats and phytonutrients found in avocados provide high-quality food for the skin.
Baking Soda - Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) is a good exfoliating agent that helps remove dead cells. In addition, it balances the pH level of the skin, which is very important to maintain even and clear skin. Baking soda also contains anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.

Beeswax - Beeswax is a natural emulsifier that helps cosmetics, lotions, and balms to bind. It adds a wonderful natural smell and color to products and helps to keep the skin moisturized.

Castor Oil - Castor Seed Oil is a cold-pressed oil that acts as a humectant, actively attracting and retaining moisture in the skin and hair. It also provides a protective barrier against moisture loss and environmental damage without the use of harmful chemicals and pesticides

Cetyl Alcohol (vegetable derived) - A fatty alcohol derived from coconut oil, a natural emollient and thickener. **Only used in our Goat's Milk Body Lotion and our Moisturizing Body Spray.

Charcoal - Activated charcoal draws bacteria, poisons, chemicals, dirt, and other micro-particles to the surface of the skin, helping you to achieve a flawless complexion and fight acne. Charcoal is not metabolized, adsorbed or absorbed by the body, but it can be used to treat some poisonous bites and disinfect some wounds.

Citric Acid - An alpha hydroxy acid used to promote skin exfoliation and a fresh, revitalized glow. The Citric Acid we source is derived from corn and sugar beets through natural fermentation and is GMO-free. It is an excellent antioxidant and exfoliant. It's the star in our bath bombs to give them the fizzy effect you love in the bath bomb!

Cocoa Butter - Also known as “theobroma” which in Greek translates to “food of gods” Cocoa Seed Butter is known worldwide as a fantastic moisturizer for skin with its’ great anti-aging properties. Cocoa Seed Butter is packed with antioxidants that when applied create a layer of protection between your skin and the free radicals that make skin age.

Coconut Oil - The Coconut yields oil containing lauric acid which prevents the build-up of skin aging free radicals. It also provides natural antiviral benefits to protect the immune system. Coconut oil penetrates your skin on a deep because of its low molecular weight and the way it bonds with proteins. It has its antimicrobial properties and moisturizing abilities are perfect for the sensitive skin on your face.

Emulsifying Wax - Formulators of natural cosmetics know all too well the frustration that can arise when the water and oil in our creations separate, and emulsifying wax is the solution to this persistent problem. Emulsifying wax assists in improving the consistency and texture of final products without leaving a greasy film on the outer skin after application. It acts as a mild stabilizer and thickener. **Only used in our Goats Milk Body Lotion and our Moisturizing Body Spray. 

Epsom Salt - Epsom salt isn't really a slat, it is a pure mineral compound called magnesium sulfate. The wonders of Epsom salt have been well known for hundreds of years and, unlike other salts, has beneficial properties that can soothe the body, mind, and soul. Some of the countless health benefits include relaxing the nervous system, curing skin problems, soothing back pain and aching limbs, easing muscle strain, healing cuts, treating colds and congestion, and drawing toxins from the body.

Essential Oils - Essential oils are the highly concentrated version of the natural oils in plants. Essential oils provide therapeutic benefits that are both physical and psychological. This all sounds well and good, but many essential oils, contrary to popular belief, can also be very irritating to the skin. Some can even aggravate lots of serious medical conditions, which is why we supplement with skin safe phthalate free fragrance oils. We are also environmentally minded. There is an ecological impact to every product we purchase and consume. The demand for many essential oils is having a devastating ecological effect.  

Fragrance Oils (Only Phthalate Free) - Fragrance oils are made to mimic an otherwise natural smell. The fragrance oils we use are mostly synthetic (but perfectly skin-safe). Many have essential oils and blends added to them. I wouldn't use or offer these fragrances if they were in any way harmful to you, your family, or the earth.

Germall Plus - Germall Plus is a highly effective, broad spectrum, non-paraben preservative for oil-in-water and water-in-oil emulsions and water-soluble formulations. Germall Plus has been found effective at use levels between 0.05% – 0.2%. Therefore we use no more than that. In my opinion, as someone who wants the best for my family and my customers, that .2% is worth not having to worry about all the other scary things that could happen to high water products. **Only used in our Goats Milk Body Lotion and our Moisturizing Body Spray.

Goat's Milk - Goat Milk has been used since ancient times as a natural cleanser. It is one of the finest moisturizers and has excellent emollient properties. Goat Milk contains vitamin A, and several B vitamins including riboflavin, niacin, B6, B12. Vitamin A is extremely important in skin care and aids in curtailing acne and may also help with eczema. 

Grapeseed Oil - Grape Seed Oil is rich in Vitamin E and linoleic acid - an essential fatty acid also known as Omega-6. It is a potent antioxidant that aids in diminishing the damaging effects of the sun. Grape seed oil's excellent emollient properties also nourish the skin, keeping it smooth and supple. It helps lock in skin's precious moisture…. all without feeling greasy or heavy.

Jojoba Oil -The Jojoba shrub is native to the southwestern desert regions of North America, one of the driest regions of the world. Jojoba Seed Oil is a natural skin conditioner and has been used for generations because of its powerful ability to moisturize skin.

Kaolin Clay -Kaolin Clay is a very fine and light clay that has natural absorbency properties. It is one of the mildest clays that can be used in skincare products, making is a perfect fit for those with sensitive skin. It helps stimulate circulation to the skin while gently exfoliating and cleansing it. It does not draw oils from the skin, so it can be used on dry skin types without negative results.

Lye - (Sodium Hydroxide) At the turn of the 20th Century water soaked in wood ash from fireplaces was collected in a pot. This “Pot Ash” contained a large enough quantity of potassium carbonate to saponify fats and was used without further refining by our Canadian ancestors to make ‘soft soap’. Today most bar soaps are made with sodium hydroxide otherwise known as Caustic Soda (Lye), which comes from sodium chloride – common table salt collected from the earth’s oceans. EVERY soap (other than soap nuts and glycerin) is made by saponifying a fat of some kind with either Lye or Potassium Hydroxide. Chemistry does work in our favor on this one, though – oil is not what you would call, “a good cleaning agent” and Caustic Soda is also used as oven cleaner, (yuck!) But when the two are combined together, a chemical reaction takes place which creates the soap you are used to using in your home. After the oil and lye have saponified, there virtually isn't any "lye" left in the finished product.

Meadowfoam Oil - This oil is rich in antioxidants. It will help fight the signs of aging and helps to hydrate the skin.

Mica - Mica pigments are the name of a group of naturally occurring minerals which can range from being completely matte to sparkling or opalescent. Mica pigments are a purified and crushed mica mineral.

Nettle Leaf - Nettles are known for their anti-inflammatory properties and can be exceptionally helpful in easing skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis, and they are a wonderful remedy for easing itchy skin due to its rich content of histamine, chlorophyll, oxyacetylene, and iron. They also have an amazing astringent property that allows them to shrink and tighten the top layer of our skin and aid in minor skin injuries like scrapes and annoying razor nicks. That’s one amazing little plant.  

Olive Oil - Olive Oil has been hailed as a super fruit and “gift from heaven” for nearly 4,000 years. Both the Fruit Oil and Leaf Extract have significant benefits for both hair and skin. It fights free radicals that can cause the skin to age and has moisturizing, antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Palmitic Acid - As a fatty acid, palmitic acid can act as an emollient. When applied to the skin by lotions, creams or bath oils, emollients can soften the skin and help it retain moisture by forming an oily, water blocking layer that slows the loss of water through the skin. This can improve dry and flaky skin as well as conditions like psoriasis and eczema. 

Polysorbate 80Polysorbate 80 is a natural vegetable sourced emulsifier which creates solubility between water-based ingredients and oil-based ingredients. In simpler terms, it helps to dissolve ingredients so that they can more easily blend together. In our case, it is used in bath bombs to keep the color/mica from sticking to the sides of your tub. **Only used in our Bath Bombs.

Potassium Sorbate - Potassium Sorbate is a mild preservative being used in cosmetic and skin care formulas as a paraben alternative to prevent or retard the growth of microorganisms and protect products from spoiling. Developed from Sorbic Acid, which is naturally found in the berries of the mountain ash tree, Potassium Sorbate is effective against fungi, mold and yeast, but less active against bacteria, and therefore not considered a broad spectrum preservative; it needs to be used in conjunction with other preservatives to ensure formulas are totally protected. It is considered a low hazard ingredient. **Only used in our Goats Milk Body Lotion and our Moisturizing Body Spray.

Safflower Oil - Safflower oil is a nutrient-rich botanical alternative to synthetic emollients. High in linoleic acid, it helps lubricate and lock in moisture. It is light, quick-absorbing and provides great moisture. 

Sea Salt - Pacific Sea Salts are made through the ancient and natural process of slowly evaporating Pacific Sea water to collect its salt - A process that takes five years from start to finish and produces a crystal white sea salt. Sea salt is a natural detoxifier, as the salt absorbs the toxins from the skin. Since sea salt does not go through the same manufacturing processes as table salt, the minerals from the sea remain, giving sea salts different colorings depending on where they are from. Many of these minerals also provide nutrients and benefits to the skin. Sea salt draws moisture to the skin and also acts as a mild exfoliator in our Salt Bars.

Shea Butter - Shea Butter is extracted from the nut of the African shea tree and is the ultimate moisturizer. Described as a “skin superfood”, it provides a multitude of benefits. As a collagen production stimulator, it repairs and reduces wrinkles, moisturizes and provides a protective barrier for the skin.

Stearic Acid (Plant Derived) - Stearic acid is a fatty acid that is found naturally in the protective outer layer of the skin. It is one of the building blocks of the lipid layers in the skin, which help to form a barrier and preserve the skin's natural moisture. We use it to thicken and harden our products when we want thickening and hardening, but we don’t want waxiness. Because stearic acid is an isolated fatty acid it thickens without adding the tack or brittle stiffness that wax can sometimes cause. 

Soya Oil - Organic Soy Bean Oil is extremely high in lecithin, sterolins, and vitamins B, E and K which makes it an effective moisturizing agent. A vitamin-rich emollient that absorbs well into the skin. Organic Soybean Oil has a nourishing, softening and moisturizing effect on skin, hair, and nails. It replenishes skin lipids and restores suppleness and flexibility. As a skin care ingredient, soy is purported to diminish wrinkles, reverse sun damage and even tighten sagging skin. It is an excellent emollient.

Sucrose - Sucrose is common table sugar. Sucrose is produced naturally in plants. In Skin Care products it acts as a humectant and natural exfoliator. It's beneficial in blemish control and helps to restore the balance of the skins natural oils. The natural glycolic acid in sugar not only helps condition and moisturize skin, but protects it from pollutants and toxins. Sucrose washes off extremely easily, leaving no residue. It also does not attract bugs as it is derived from sugar cane and, once processed, gives off no scent. 

Sunflower Oil - Sunflower Seed Oil provides dramatic benefits for the skin. Its powerful anti-inflammatory properties and natural triglyceride help the skin retain moisture naturally. Sunflower Seed Oil is a highly beneficial ingredient.

Tocopherol (Vitamin E) - This hard-working antioxidant soothes dry skin and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It is used to ease dryness and sometimes may also be used to help preserve products.

Vegetable Glycerin - Present in all natural fats (like coconut oil), a skin rejuvenating ingredient.  

Vitamin C - Vitamin C is an antioxidant force of nature. It fights free radicals, helps reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles, restores skin's healthy balance and helps promote a radiant, more vibrant look.

Witch Hazel - Witch hazel is an extract from the leaves and bark of the North American shrub Hamamelis virginiana. This natural astringent can help with acne control by reducing inflammation and decreasing oil.