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Sam's soap slices were an immediate hit with my kids. They loved the smell of the soaps, which were the perfect size for my kids to manipulate with their small hands. The soaps are also very gentle on my kids' sensitive skin. We will definitely purchase these again!

Deodorant - Kiss My Sass
Jennifer Osland
Natural Deoderant

This deodorant is by far the best I have tried - all natural ingredients and works great!

Body mist

I love this body mist! It smells so good, and it actually lasts on my clothes for hours. I’m really impressed. If you’re looking for a soft body fragrance- this is it


Unfortunately for me, I’m totally hooked! I’m in love with Millie Ann’s natural, velvety goodness. Scents are light and long lasting. The body butter is amazing. It is helping to heal my son’s eczema-ridden body and restore his healthy toddler skin. It smells so good and I have no worries about slathering him or myself down with it…and buying something natural from a woman of God who is not afraid to let her light shine? Yep, I’m hooked.

Body Butter
My New Go-To

I love all your body butter scents but this unscented is perfect for my eczema prone skin. I also use this as a night cream on my face now. Thank you for making high quality natural, healthy, chemical free skin products.

Body Butter
Mary Jane Y.
Yummy Body Butter

Back the Blue Body Butter smells wonderful and absorbs quickly. There is no greasy feeling. Will buy again!

Not Today Pecker
Lynne Paul
Peck yeah!

This is the cutest tshirt ever! Love this woman and her company. So many cute cute things and the soap? Get ya some! 🥰

Love these whipped body butters. Smells, so good. And moisturizing!

Bundle buy

The scents in this bundle were great! Everything I buy from Millie is awesome.

Love Millie Ann’s sops!!!!!

Very pleased

All of my officers loved the gifts I purchased for them for Christmas! They were very appreciative of them! Thank you for being pro police!

Body Butter
Elizabeth Russell
LOVE the Body Butter!

I have used this Body Butter since Millie started making it. It feels so good on my skin and it smells so good!

Love it!

This lip balm leaves my lips feeling moisturized and it smells/tastes great!

Body Butter
Debbie B.
Ultimate body butter

This body butter absorbs beautifully, leaves my skin well mositurized, and smells absolutely dreamy!

So special!

What an amazing tribute this is to our precious little girl. There is NOTHING like the death of your child to rock you to your core. There isn't a day that we don't think about her, talk about her, shed a few tears... But we have been so incredibly blessed to have friends and family that continue to let us talk about her, that remember her, that let her life and her death make a difference! Being that supported is what has gotten me through some very dark days! And here we are 10 and 1/2 years later and that is still what gets me through some days. If you have experienced the death of your precious child, no matter what their age, please reach out to people that love and care for you. And if you need to you can definitely reach out to us! I will gladly celebrate your precious baby with you! If you love someone that has lost their child, don't stop sharing those memories, asking them how they are. Let them talk about it! Like the saying goes, you aren't reminding us that they died, but rather that they lived! And y'all, we have been so blessed by this amazing tribute to our daughter. Millie has been there on many occasions to support and care for us. She has a beautiful heart! Please reach out and support her, not just because of this, but because her products are AMAZING!

Trump Soap
Richelle Butler
Making America AND bath time great again!

We all need a little something to wash the Biden off of us. Thank you!

Whimsically delicious!

It’s whimsical, fun and flirty and makes me feel young again. The lotion itself is moisturizing and wonderful and my skin is softer than ever before. Thank you for believing in unicorns and capturing their daydream scent so perfectly!

Body Butter
Richelle Butler
Addicted to body butter!

This body butter is the stuff dreams are made of. It’s creamy and luxurious and exactly what my skin needs during the winter, but I’m thinking ahead because I can only imagine how wonderful it’ll be after the pool this summer. Pumpkin, vanilla and Back the Blue are my three favorites.

Discounted Loaf Soap
Richelle Butler
Smells like heaven!

I don’t know how to describe this scent, except that it’s perfect. It’s clean and yummy, and I want my hubby to smell like this all the time. I bought it for him, but snuck a couple bars into my tub too! If you see me smelling my own arm, look away! (Wink, wink)

Sam's Soap Slices
Autumn Brown
Sam's Soap Slices

I ordered all 3 scents and all 3 smell so good. I hope Sam continues to make more soap slices. The hand written note from Sam in my order was the BEST.

Love the smell!! It's amazing!!

Sam's Soap Slices
Kathy Spillers

Not only do Sam's Soaps look exactly like his sketches, they smell fantastic and the personal thank you made me tear up! The Pink Lemonade is my favorite, but those gemstones look great, too. I'll have to try his third soap slice next time. Awesome job, Sam!

Sam's Soap Slices
Kerri Wright
Sam’s Soap

Packaging was perfect! Soap smelled wonderful as soon as I opened the box. Labels were vibrant and informative. Cannot wait to fill my kids stockings with Sam’s soaps! His handwritten note was the perfect touch.

Body Butter
Kimberly MINNICK

Love everything made by a wonderful lady with a huge heart!!!

Love the goat milk lotion smells great and feels great on your skin