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Kiss my Sass

Very moisturizing and terrific scent!

Rainbows will ALWAYS be GOD’s Promise!!!

Love the colors, the scent, the natural ingredients, the loving hands that made them, and most definitely the name!!! Gave as gifts and they were wonderfully received!!!

Aloha-ha Soap
Romero Kelly
Greatest products!!!!

Just love these products! So fragrant. So fresh. Fast delivery.

I love these products!

You can tell that Millie puts her heart into everything that she does! I absolutely love the spicy pumpkin crème pie soap and wax melts. They smell so good!! I will continue to purchase from this small business. ❤️

Pumpkin & Vanilla

I absolutely love this lotion! It smells like fall in a bottle. It is my new favorite fall scent and it lasts for a long time.


The bath soak has a great scent without being overpowering.

Great products, fast delivery

I’ve been using Millie Ann’s product for some time now. She is my go to for soaps, salt bars, body lotions and sprays. I love that her small business supports honors our police and first responders

GWG Lotion

Love this scent! It is better than I hoped it would be. It feels great on my skin without being greasy. Would definitely buy again (in a larger amount).

Lip Balm - Back The Blue
Stephanie Wilson
Love it!

The soap is amazing and smells better than that! I made this purchase for police week and gave my staff a lip balm and blue line soap, they loved it. The shipping was SUPER fast too! Thank you Millie Ann for supporting the blue.

Love the smell of Beachy

Smells like vacation in a bottle. ❤️

Love it!

As a police wife, it means so much to me that this business supports everything we as a family live every day. Besides the meaning behind the business, these are generally good products! I have made multiple orders and will continue to buy from this company.

I wanted the soap simply because I dated a Vietnam vet for many years. He would nap on my couch but his eyes never fully closed when he was sleeping. I went to wake him up one time & found myself flying across the room. Luckily I wasn’t hurt; but that’s when he told me that in Vietnam they learned to never close their eyes all the way sleeping & they never fully slept. They stayed on the defensive even in sleep. When I touched him to wake him, he automatically went into defense mode. I couldn’t imagine having to learn to sleep like that. I don’t know if all the soldiers learned that or just his unit; but I never woke him up by touch again. 😂😂They never got the honor they deserved when they did make it home. Few of them enlisted voluntarily. They were drafted & had no choice, unless they wanted to become criminals by avoiding the draft. Few had the money to do that. We treated them dreadfully as a nation. My ordering your soap was a way to honor him. He passed away recently, which is another reason. By the way, I love the scent. I keep it by my reading chair still in the wrapper. Every now and then I pick it up just to inhale its scent. 😊❤️


This one is special! As a family member of a Vietnam Vet who passed away recently this really touched my heart. Mille Ann puts so much love into all her products! All of the products I have ordered and used have been high quality. I couldn't ask for better.

Love This!

I have replaced my clinique face soap with this product and my skin has never been clearer! I will absolutely be buying this product again in the future.

The One Cent/Sent

This soap is not only beautiful but the meaning behind it touches the heart. I will have to get another so I can save one and use one 😁

Honor Vietnam Vets

This soap is just so visually uplifting. I ordered three bars. I intend to gift them to strangers…you know the quiet gentlemen sitting nearby in a restaurant…yep I plan to tuck a soap in my purse with Millie Ann’s story of how it came to be and pass on my gratitude. ❤️. I honor Millie Ann by purchasing them because she is a genuine American doing good for humanity. I say it is all a win win.

Vietnam Veteran Soap (Ron's Penny Soap)

The soap is a perfect tribute for Vietnam Veterans! Thank you so much for making it!

Mother's Day Mini Gift Set

Beautiful packaging and products! I'm so excited to gift them to the awesome people in my world!!

Gifted to my Vietnam Vet Dad

My Dad served in Vietnam so anytime I find a product that honors that, I am all for it. I got him two soaps so that he can use one to have the penny and one to admire if he choses. Great quality and great story behind this soap. Another way to honor our Vietnam Veterans. Thank you Millie Ann 💗

Beautiful Tribute!

What a beautiful soap, wonderful scent, and an absolutely beautiful tribute to our Vietnam Veterans!

I like it

It is beautiful and it is a gift for a friend for Father’s Day who served in Vietnam.

Kiss My Sass Soap
Christy Russcher
Love this soap

This is one of my new favorite soaps. It smells so good. Especially when you pair the lotion with it!

Deodorant - Unicorn
Shannon Warzecha
Unicorn Deodorant

Love my deodorant! Smells awesome! I love this company and all that it represents!

I love the "Back The Blue" soap and moisturizer. I'm creating a fundraiser for our men and women in uniform along with an American LEO flag and donating the proceeds to a non profit police agency group. Thanks for all you do, Millie Ann.