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Soap Sack Surprise

$ 12.00

Do you like surprises?

If so, this is for you! I will send you four products, it may be all soap, it may not be. Actually. it will be a surprise for me too! I often have products sitting on my stock shelf that have lost their sass, or that got cut weird, or that have weird dents, or weird colors. Some may have lost most of their scent or I may just not have liked them altogether, however, that doesn't mean you won't, or that they don't work, so I am including these great lil' Soap Sack Surprise bags. I mean that lil' burlap sack though!

Anyway, you will always get 4 products in the sack no matter what.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Pfaff Daryl

I had purchased a few bars… I haven’t used them all yet however, the “Back the Blue” smells clean, feels luxurious and sudsy… it rinses away completely with NO “build up feel”. Can’t wait to try the rest! I do have a question… ARE YOU SELLING STOCK OPTIONS YET?

Kristen Davis
Very happy customer

Love the products and her support of law enforcement! Will buy from again!!

Erin Kimak
Soap Sack Surprise is a Great purchase

I love the Soap Sack Surprise, you never know what you are going to receive. It is a mystery each time. It is a great deal of product too for the price I paid. Love it! Great idea.

Kandace Karr
Got what I Hoped for

Was hoping that I would get more soap bars as that's what I would use more of and I did! Was so pleased by the soap included. Lets me try some of the verities I was considering buy.

Aw! I am so glad!!! Thank you!